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TRE® - Tension, Stress & Trauma Release Exercises

I'm an educated TRE® practitioner and provider. Tension, Stress & Trauma Release Exercises is a natural method that relieves stress from your body and nervous system. It's easy to learn and if you put  these exercises into your daily routine, it opens for a better quality of life with more balance and greater tolerance for everyday stress.

When you start doing the exercises, it is common that the sleep gets much better, that you feel more calm, more relaxed in the body, that you have less tensions, less irritation, feeling more alive and energized and in a more balanced mood.

TRE® is a series of body exercises that are performed standing and lying for the body's to inherent its ability to relieve stress, tensions and trauma - old as new. No prerequisites are required and you will receive a self-help method that you can use to relieve stress that occurs in life. Dr. David Bercelli has developed this method and travels over the world and teaches it. Please see:

If you observe animals in the wild at risk and then they escape, you see that when the danger is over, the animal shakes. After that, the animal returns to what it did before. The stress that was triggered left the animal when it shook.

We humans have the same intrinsic function and often feel an impulse to shake after we've been involved in a dangerous situation. The difference between animals is that our mental ability makes us stop us from shaking. We may be afraid that we do not understand what is happening or that we think it looks embarrassing or for some other reason. In this way, the stress / trauma / tension in the body is not resolved and we move on to life with increased activation and stress in the body.

With TRE® we get the body's inherent ability to loose stress and trauma by shaking. Often this happens without getting memories of what happened when stress or trauma occurred.
Here is a small movie about Trauma Release Exercise: TRE - A revoulutionary idea to feel better

You can learn TRE® through a workshop or by taking a private session with me.
Workshops I advertise via the Facebook of Levaverkstan or, but please write and ask if you cannot find. A private TRE® session takes 1.5 hours for the first time and then 1 hour at recurring sessions. I strongly recommend taking more than one session to get support in your process if you want to gain access to deeper tensions and trauma.
I work both online and at the clinics in Sweden; Gånarp.
Please contact me on +46 768245810 or for questions or if you'd like to book a session.

I'm a body-oriented counsellor, guide and coach that help to support you in releasing tension, stress, and trauma from your body. Through my work various results occur such as increased stability on your path, relaxation and aliveness in your whole body and being and resulting in a greater ability to find and create your true heart's desires. I also aid 6in facilitating the healing of old wounds, releasing buried and difficult emotions to find the inner peace and renewed desire to live a full life in a fresh realization of the phenomenal person that you truly are! I also specialize in the issues of sexuality including sexual trauma release and bringing healing and transformation to blocked sexual energy which results in greater awareness of the powerful creative force our sexual energy is! TRE is an amazing tool and technic which I use amongst many other ones and it would be my honor to work and assist you on your journey.