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Life guidance, coaching & somatic healingwork

Is this you?

You have a longing to awake and transform so you can live from your full potential, stand in your own power, and let go of whatever doesn't serve you any longer!
You long for deep healing, to find harmony, relaxation, pleasure, and joy in your body, become fully present in the moment, accept everything as it is and have the guts to change whatever must be changed!
You are so much longing to fully walk the path that makes your heart rejoice! 
I'm grateful to welcome you to YOUR path of awakening, deep healing, and transformation! 
I'll coach you either online, from phone or from my clinic in Gånarp (on the southwest coast of Sweden). 

The session for YOU

In a session with me we start where YOU ARE at. What's your needs, longings, comfort zoon, preferences, level of understanding, traumas, tension, stress, or willingness to go deep and to invite the unknown? I have a powerful intuition and lots of tools with me, and therefore I create unique sessions that perfectly suit you. 
Through true guidance, deep body-oriented life coaching, somatic healing work, emotional and trauma release you will get where's needed. We create a safe and loving space for you to rest into your own truth and let your own unique way of healing unfold. It's often easier than you think.
A coaching session is usually one hour. If we're doing deeper healing work or TRE@ Tension, stress, and trauma release exercises it's often 1.5 hour, but that can also get up to two hours. We decide together before a session how we'll relate to time and costs. You can pay for just one session or book a package for 5 or 10 hours. You can use your invoice for your company or as a health care allowance if you're employed. Let's have an introductory free call to get into details +46 768245810,
You're here to live from your true self and highest potential. I'm here to support you on your path.

Mediation and relationship coaching

It can be challenging sometimes to be in a relationship, though it's the most fantastic opportunity for real growth, personal development, to live fully from your heart, from your authentic self and from deep intimacy and love. So, I truly recommend to now and then take the opportunity to get on a journey together with me or someone else professional. This will truly help you to expand the gates to one another, reach higher levels of love, intimacy, flow and ease in your relationship, or to help out when you feel totally stuck and you do not see any way out.

Read more here on how I also can help you reach deeper levels of intimacy and pleasure, integrated and conscious.

 Let's have an introductory free call to see how I can match your needs. I'm looking forward to be at your service. +46 768245810,

You are two in the creation of your relationship!
I'm here to support you on your path! ~Anira


I'm an inspiring creatress who works from the depth of my soul, with love and respect from my heart and with ease and joy that flows from my free spirit. I am educated as a counselor (socionom/ kurator) and has studied social work and science for many years. I've been attending a full year of training in "Zen-Coaching" with deepening in Mindfulness, and one year of "Liberating movement, somatic and ecstatic dance training", I have also done the ISTA sacred sexual somatic healing practitioner training and "TRE -tension, stress and trauma release exercises practitioner training". For the last twenty five years I've been practicing, taking courses, deepening my study and developing tools for personal development, spiritual guidance, somatic healing, mental training, tension and emotional release, the art of being the creator of one's life, group dynamics, mindfulness, embodiment, empowerment, cognitive approach, intimacy, relationship-counseling, sacred sexuality, sexual somatic bodywork and tantra therapy.

Contact me on a free call or a message for prices and a talk about how I can serve YOU to grow, transform, heal and live from your highest potential! I'm looking forward to be at your service.

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